• Hand-dyed Art Wallpaper

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Hey there.

A dream to install!

Your art is fascinating, and your paper is a dream to install. Excellent quality, makes a perfect double cut at the seams. The patterns line up in all the right places, and the inks are stable.

- Brenda Hayes, paperhanger

Love the quality.

It's awesome, and I LOVE the quality. I knew it would be beautiful but was concerned that it wouldn't live up to my high standards of durability.

- Gwen, tumbler owner

Everybody loves your papers!

- Betsy Wentz, interior designer & shop owner

I use it every day.

I absolutely love it. I use it every day to have my morning tea! Beautiful!

- Kathryn, tumbler owner

Heart & soul.

The tumbler fills my body with just the right amount of nourishment. Shea's colorful design captures my heart and my soul.

- Farah, tumbler owner