Hola! I’m Shea.

I'm so happy you're here.

I have been practicing forms of orizomegami (paper dyeing) since I was 6 years old when my parents taught me in order to save money on Christmas wrapping paper. We had the best looking presents on the block!


I went on to study several foreign languages and build a successful career in international adult education, but found myself unsatisfied after I had reached the heights of program management. I consistently came back to dyeing, and having continued this craft through the years, improving my skills and experimenting with different dyeing media, I really wanted to share these beauties with people in a way that would transcend the delicate nature of the original pieces.

I strive to create patterns not traditionally seen in this art form. Each wallpaper design typically originates from a single piece of material, dyed in one sitting. The art is really in the folding and the dye manipulation in order to produce the resulting patterns. I like to leave the art form as natural as possible when I’m designing a new pattern in order for the owner of these wall coverings to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of a paper art on their walls.

I use any dyeing agent I can find to formulate my colors and intensities from watercolors to food coloring to natural substances. I often will attempt to replicate certain patterns over and over again through folding and dyeing techniques, however no single pattern is exactly the same. They are much like snowflakes - which is what I love about this art.

Beautiful results come both when I create with intention towards a certain shape or style and when I create without any care for the end result. I can fold and dye for hours watching each design bleed, develop, and unfold in front of my eyes. Sometimes I create in silence, sometimes with inspirational music, sometimes in nature, sometimes indoors, and sometimes while watching some juicy British crime drama.

Please check out my Instagram account (@chezshea) where I regularly post work-in-progress pics and my inspirations, and sign up for an email below so I can let you know about new collections.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy these beauties as much as I do in your space!

Con amor,



Notes about my products:

  • It is highly recommended that these wallcoverings be installed by a professional paper hanger.

  • Because I am a one-person business with very little overhead, I do not accept returns. All sales on anything other than samples are final.

  • If you are a showroom or retail shop interested in carrying my line, please get in touch at hello@chezsheadesign.com!