Who's Shea?

Hola! I’m Shea.

I'm so happy you're here.

My hand-dyed designs are a labor of love for me. I have been practicing forms of orizomegami (paper dyeing) since I was 6 years old when my parents taught me.

I strive to create patterns not traditionally seen in this art form. Each wallpaper design typically originates from a single piece of material, dyed in one sitting. The art is really in the folding and the dye manipulation in order to produce the resulting patterns. I like to leave the art form as natural as possible when I’m designing a new pattern in order for the owner of these wall coverings to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of a paper art on their walls.

I use any dyeing agent I can find to formulate my colors and intensities from watercolors to food coloring to natural substances. I often will attempt to replicate certain patterns over and over again through folding and dyeing techniques, however no single pattern is exactly the same. They are much like snowflakes - which is what I love about this art.

Beautiful results come both when I create with intention towards a certain shape or style and when I create without any care for the end result. I can fold and dye for hours watching each design bleed, develop, and unfold in front of my eyes. Sometimes I create in silence, sometimes with inspirational music, sometimes in nature, sometimes indoors, and sometimes while watching some juicy British crime drama. Each session yields around 10-12 designs, and I choose the ones I think will work best for a wallpaper or textile print.

When preparing my hand-dyed designs for print, I do not mix two different designs digitally. Each wallpaper and textile pattern I offer is the result of one design formed naturally. It’s important to me to keep the idiosyncrasies of the art in tact - otherwise anyone can go buy perfectly digitally-designed wallpaper from any large producer. In my opinion, large wallpaper houses rarely offer products that exhibit the character, the detail, or the “artist’s hand” effect up close.

Please check out my Instagram account (@chezshea) where I regularly post work-in-progress pics, my inspirations, and up-coming collections.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy these beauties as much as I do in your space!

Love, Shea